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fig|868135.3.peg.4620: ATP-dependent DNA helicase Rep

868135.3: Escherichia coli DEC1C

location: 868135.3:AIEX01000071_18147+2022

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PEGs Functionally-Coupled to fig|868135.3.peg.4620
Sc PEG Coupled To Function of Coupled PEG
27 fig|868135.3.peg.4621 Guanosine-5'-triphosphate,3'-diphosphate pyrophosphatase (EC @ Exopolyphosphatase (EC
26 fig|868135.3.peg.4623 Thioredoxin
25 fig|868135.3.peg.4624 Transcription termination factor Rho
24 fig|868135.3.peg.4622 ATP-dependent RNA helicase RhlB
22 fig|868135.3.peg.4618 Ketol-acid reductoisomerase (EC
21 fig|868135.3.peg.4616 Threonine dehydratase biosynthetic (EC
19 fig|868135.3.peg.4617 HTH-type transcriptional regulator IlvY
18 fig|868135.3.peg.4615 Dihydroxy-acid dehydratase (EC
18 fig|868135.3.peg.4619 Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase PpiC (EC