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Variant 2 of Universal GTPases
PEG Role
fig|93061.5.peg.1113 50S ribosomal subunit maturation GTPase RbgA (B. subtilis YlqF)
fig|93061.5.peg.316 GTP-binding and nucleic acid-binding protein YchF
fig|93061.5.peg.1360 GTP-binding protein EngA
fig|93061.5.peg.1621 GTP-binding protein EngB
fig|93061.5.peg.1518 GTP-binding protein Era
fig|93061.5.peg.1176 GTP-binding protein HflX
fig|93061.5.peg.1597 GTP-binding protein Obg
fig|93061.5.peg.971 GTP-binding protein TypA/BipA
fig|93061.5.peg.1549 GTP-binding protein YqeH, required for biogenesis of 30S ribosome subunit
fig|93061.5.peg.2758 GTPase and tRNA-U34 5-formylation enzyme TrmE
fig|93061.5.peg.1091 Ribosome small subunit-stimulated GTPase EngC
fig|93061.5.peg.1105 Signal recognition particle receptor protein FtsY (=alpha subunit) (TC 3.A.5.1.1)
fig|93061.5.peg.1107 Signal recognition particle, subunit Ffh SRP54 (TC 3.A.5.1.1)
fig|93061.5.peg.475 Translation elongation factor G
fig|93061.5.peg.1537 Translation elongation factor LepA
fig|93061.5.peg.476 Translation elongation factor Tu
fig|93061.5.peg.1140 Translation initiation factor 2

Roles in Universal GTPases but not in 93061.5
Role Find Candidates
Probable GTPase related to EngC find candidates
Translation elongation factor 1 alpha subunit find candidates
Translation elongation factor 2 find candidates