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FIGfams Functionall Coupled to FIG01108751 : FIG01108752: hypothetical protein
FIGfam Score FIGfam Function
FIG01107968 80 FIG01107969: hypothetical protein
FIG01324710 80 Protein-disulfide isomerase, related to DsbA
FIG01307865 79 Candidate zinc-binding lipoprotein ZinT
FIG00012708 78 FmhA protein of FemAB family
FIG01321845 78 formate/nitrite transporter family protein
FIG01339319 78 Probable glutathione S-transferase-related transmembrane protein (EC
FIG01108074 77 FIG01108076: hypothetical protein
FIG01362915 77 Cysteine ABC transporter, substrate-binding protein
FIG01107854 76 FIG01107855: hypothetical protein
FIG01310832 76 acetyltransferase (GNAT) family protein
FIG00011002 72 L-Cystine ABC transporter, permease protein TcyB
FIG00132864 65 Sirohydrochlorin ferrochelatase (EC