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    svr_sketch_tree [options]   < tree.nwk >

This little utility invokes a tree "printing" utility Gary Olsen wrote. It has a rich set of options. We suggest a default usage of -m and -a. Thus, svr_sketch_tree -a -m < some_tree.nwk

is a reasonable thing to do.

Command-Line Options


Specifies that you wish an aesthetic reordering of subtrees at each point.


Asks that zero length branches be collapsed to multifurcating nodes.


Read the fasta file to get comments associated with the tip IDs


Specifies that the output should be written as HTML.


This should only be used with a -f, and it means "print just the description, not the id followed by the description.


The specified file should be a two-column, tab-separated table in which the first column is the sequence ID and the second the value you wish it to be relabeled to.


The tree should be rerooted at a midpoint (take the longest distance between tips and reroot to the midpoint of that path)


Do not include a scale bar in the diagram (but -S takes precedence)

-S bar_units

Include a scale bar with a units label in the diagram


Make the output in UniCode line-drawing character set


Allows you to specify the width you wish for the sketched tree


Specifies the minimum length of a distance between two nodes


Specifies vertical separation of consecutive tips