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Extend a set of roles to include the subsystems and category data



    svr_roles_to_subsys -all < > extended.table
        extend to all subsystems, including cluster-based (defaults to just usable, non-cluster-based)

    svr_roles_to_subsys -c 2 -aux < > extended.table
        extend from roles in column 2 to usable, non-cluster-based subsys including thoise in which 
        the role is auxiliary

Command-Line Arguments

The program is invoked using

    svr_role_to_subsys [-all] [-aux] [-c Column] < table.with.role.column > with.3.more.columns

Use all subsystems, including experimental and cluster-based [default is only usable, non-cluster-based]


Include subsystemns in which the role is auxiliary [default is to ignore auxiliary roles]


Specifies the column in the input table that is believed to contain the role.


A table with 2 added columnns (subsystem, comma-delimited list of categories). Lines in the incoming table that do not match are written to STDERR.