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svr_gap_filled_reactions_and _roles [-m model]

svr_gap_filled_reactions_and _roles [-m model]

Get the reactions and functional roles that were predicted by gap-filling



    svr_gap_filled_reactions_and_roles -m Seed83333.1 > predicted.reactions.and.roles

would write a 2-column table containing [reaction,role] giving the reactions and roles predicted by gap-filling.

    svr_gap_filled_reactions_and_roles < file.of.models

could be used to read the model IDs from the last column of the lines in file.of.models.

------ =head2 Command-Line Options

-m Model [optional]

This parameter can be used to specify a specific model ID. If it is omitted, the model IDs will be read from input lines.

-c Column

This is used only if the column containing model IDs is not the last.

Output Format

The standard output is a tab-delimited file. Each line will contain 2 extra tab-separated fields: