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    svr_fids_to_regulons <fids.tbl >regulon_data.tbl

Return all the atomic regulons each feature belongs to.

This script takes a tab-delimited file with FIG feature IDs in the last column and appends two additional columns-- an atomic regulon ID and the number of features in the regulon. For each incoming feature ID, all the atomic regulons it belongs to are returned. In general, however, there will only be one. The augmented file will be written to the standard output.

This is a pipe command. The input is from the standard input and the output is to the standard output.

The following command-line options are supported.


The URL for the Sapling server, if it is to be different from the default.


Number (1-based) of the column in the input file containing the subsystem name. If omitted, the last column is used.