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Separate a list by taxonomy


Example: svr_by_taxonomy taxonomy < file of genome taxonomies > has taxonomy 2> does not

would split the incoming file into those containing the given taxonomy and those without


The standard input should be a tab-separated table (i.e., each line is a tab-separated set of fields). Normally, the last field in each line would contain the thing being tested If some other column contains the taxonomy, use

    -c N

where N is the column (from 1) that contains the taxonomy in each case.

This is a pipe command. The input is taken from the standard input, and the output is to the standard output.

Command-Line Options

-c Column

This is used only if the column containing ID's is not the last.

Output Format

The standard output is an echo of the lines in the incoming file that have the given taxonomy. Lines are written here only if there is an exact, case-insensitive match to one of the tax components The standard error file is an echo of the lines in the incoming file that do not have the given taxonomy