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Sapling Server Helper Object

Sapling Server Helper Object


This module is used to call the sapling server, which is a general-purpose server for extracting data from the Sapling database. Each Sapling server function corresponds to a method of this object. In other words, all "Primary Methods" in SAP are also methods here.


    my $ss = SAPserver->new(%options);

Construct a new SAPserver object. The following options are supported.


URL for the sapling server. This option may be used to redirect requests to a test version of the server, or to an older server script.


If TRUE, results from methods will be returned in singleton mode. In singleton mode, if a single result comes back, it will come back as a scalar rather than as a hash value accessible via an incoming ID.


If the URL is localhost, this can be A Sapling object for the target database.