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Name:Alanine, serine, glycine metabolism in plants
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DescriptionThis subsystem incorporates the following AraCyc pathways:
alanine biosynthesis II: ALANINE-SYN2-PWY
alanine biosynthesis III: PWY0-1021
serine biosynthesis: SERSYN-PWY
serine racemization: PWY-6196
glycine biosynthesis: GLYSYN2-PWY
glycine biosynthesis III: GLYSYN-ALA-PWY
An excellent concise description of these pathways is available at AraCyc and is not duplicated here. This subsystem encodes protein families associated with these pathways. They are listed under the “Functional Roles” Tab (green banner above). Note that the complement of genes implementing each Functional Role in plant genomes can differ in PlantSEED from those given in AraCyc. To ensure the accuracy and consistency of plant genome annotation (i) only genes with experimental or strong bioinformatics support are assigned specific Functional Roles, and (ii) uniform annotations are used for orthologous genes, consistent across all plant genomes and also with their orthologs in Eubacteria and Archaea (where applicable) throughout the SEED database. Enzymatic steps believed to be present in plants, but not yet associated with any sequences, are flagged “missing_gene”

The “Spreadsheet” Tab contains a Table where each row represents a plant genome, each column corresponds to a Functional Role, and each cell is populated with the gene(s)/protein(s) that implement this Functional Role in each organism. Each gene/protein is identified with a blue number – the Protein-Encoding Gene (PEG) ID - which is linked to an underlying detailed PEG page. Publications supporting functional assignments are posted there.
Classification:Amino Acids and Derivatives
Alanine, serine, and glycine