Organism Overview for Aminobacterium colombiense DSM 12261 (572547.3)

GenomeAminobacterium colombiense DSM 12261 (Taxonomy ID: 572547)   
TaxonomyBacteria; Synergistetes; Synergistia; Synergistales; Synergistaceae; Aminobacterium; Aminobacterium colombiense; Aminobacterium colombiense DSM 12261
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Number of Contigs (with PEGs)1
Number of Subsystems248
Number of Coding Sequences1988
Number of RNAs55
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Subsystem Information

Subsystem StatisticsFeatures in Subsystems 
Subsystem CoverageSubsystem Category DistributionSubsystem Feature Counts
   Phages, Prophages, Transposable elements (1)
   Autotrophy (0)
   Arabinose Sensor and transport module (0)
   Cofactors, Vitamins, Prosthetic Groups, Pigments (95)
   Cell Wall and Capsule (66)
   Virulence, Disease and Defense (22)
   Photosynthesis (0)
   Miscellaneous (12)
   Central Carbon Metabolism (0)
   Phages, Prophages, Transposable elements, Plasmids (2)
   Transcriptional regulation (0)
   Cell Division and Cell Cycle (35)
   Regulation and Cell signaling (11)
   Virulence (16)
   Fatty Acids, Lipids, and Isoprenoids (55)
   Nitrogen Metabolism (5)
   Dormancy and Sporulation (2)
   Respiration (35)
   Central metabolism (0)
   Predictions based on plant-prokaryote comparative analysis (0)
   Metabolism of Aromatic Compounds (2)
   Metabolite damage and its repair or mitigation (0)
   Phosphorus Metabolism (36)
   Carbohydrates (95)
   Biotin Utilization (0)
   Phenylacetic acid degradation (0)
   Energy Metabolism (0)
   Potassium metabolism (14)
   Plasmids (0)
   Membrane Transport (61)
   Iron acquisition and metabolism (1)
   Nucleosides and Nucleotides (73)
   Motility and Chemotaxis (0)
   Secondary Metabolism (0)
   Stress Response (62)
   Plant cell walls and outer surfaces (0)
   Sulfur Metabolism (3)
   Amino Acids and Derivatives (211)
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