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Protein fig|1165952.3.peg.811: Escherichia coli O26:H11 str. CVM10030

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NCBI Taxonomy Id: 1165952

Current Assignment: Phage NinF
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Context on contig AKBA01000028 from base 115 to 4176 (4062 bp)

Fid Start End Size
  Gap Find
Pins Fc-sc SS Ev Function Aliases
806 804 115 690 -           Phage antitermination protein Q locus|ECO10030_12359, protein_id|EJF04004.1, gi|394431855
807 1280 2239 960 + 475         Outer membrane protein locus|ECO10030_12364, protein_id|EJF04005.1, gi|394431856
808 2998 2636 363 - 396         Holliday junction resolvase / Crossover junction endodeoxyribonuclease rusA (EC 3.1.22.-) locus|ECO10030_12374, protein_id|EJF04007.1, gi|394431858
809 3285 2995 291 - -4         hypothetical protein locus|ECO10030_12379, protein_id|EJF04008.1, gi|394431859
810 4007 3285 723 - -1         Phage DNA binding protein Roi locus|ECO10030_12384, protein_id|EJF04009.1, gi|394431860
811 4176 4000 177 - -8         Phage NinF locus|ECO10030_12389, protein_id|EJF04010.1, gi|394431861

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  Protein Sequence

>fig|1165952.3.peg.811 Phage NinF

MD5 = 06cdea76038b68ede3bb59f7f39ce261

  DNA Sequence

>fig|1165952.3.peg.811 Phage NinF

  DNA with Flanking Sequence

>fig|1165952.3.peg.811 Phage NinF

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