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PEGs that Might Be in Clusters
Sim. Sc. Cluster Size PEG Genome Function Aliases
7e-45 3 fig|1046593.3.peg.1731 Leuconostoc carnosum KCTC 3525 Phage protein
7e-45 3 fig|886872.3.peg.1067 Leuconostoc argentinum KCTC 3773 Phage protein CDD:148155, gi|326693213, locus|LargK3_010100005705, protein_id|ZP_08230218.1
3.1e-138 2 fig|749520.3.peg.1055 Enterococcus faecium TX0082 Phage protein InterPro:IPR009425, gi|314948570, locus|HMPREF9522_01115, protein_id|ZP_07851950.1
1.4e-137 2 fig|546340.3.peg.1877 Enterococcus faecium E1679 Phage protein gi|294619291, gnl|md5|b640a6c02c902083821319b9, locus|EfmE1679_2102, protein_id|ZP_06698760.1
1.3e-106 2 fig|565665.3.peg.2578 Enterococcus faecium D344SRF Phage protein gi|289567565, gnl|md5|41d2a24a2348d093d2e9c05f, locus|EDAG_02500, protein_id|ZP_06447902.1
1.3e-106 2 fig|565666.3.peg.1817 Enterococcus faecium TC 6 Phage protein gnl|md5|41d2a24a2348d093d2e9c05f
2.4e-041 2 fig|272623.7.peg.1089 Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis Il1403 Phage protein GO:0016853, cmr|NT01LL1233, gb|AAK05116.1, gb|AAK08239.1, gb|AE006335_12, gb|AF323668_14, geneID|1114650, gene_name|pi211, gi|12723966, gi|12830883, gi|13095694, gi|15673000, gnl|md5|f1b4153824f977fbe46e8a9e, img|637068259, img|638286740, kegg|lla:L42302, locus|L42302, protein_id|NP_267174.1, ref|NP_076586.1, ref|NP_267174.1, tr|Q9B009, tr|Q9CGS6

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