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PEGs that Might Be in Clusters
Sim. Sc. Cluster Size PEG Genome Function Aliases
0 2 fig|367830.3.peg.1518 Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus USA300 membrane protein, putative GO:0016020, GO:0016747, GeneID:3912921, LocusTag:SAUSA300_0953, YP_493651.1, cds.1518, cmr|NT03SA1018, cmr|NT05SA0898, cmr|NT09SA0982, cmr|SACOL1059, cmr|SAUSA300_0953, dbj|BAB94799.1, dbj|BAF67192.1, emb|CAG42761.1, gb|AAW36524.1, gb|ABD20498.1, gb|ABD30115.1, gb|EES55296.1, gb|EEV83047.1, gb|EEW44336.1, gi|150373932, gi|151221132, gi|21204101, gi|21282663, gi|221138028, gi|221141834, gi|251802639, gi|251813949, gi|257860215, gi|258452000, gi|259159278, gi|49244333, gi|49485890, gi|57284430, gi|57650244, gi|87125984, gi|87160010, gi|87202305, gi|88194747, gnl|md5|df9b7052c6dd311eb2d87fc2, img|637151823, img|637157214, img|637298697, img|637887605, img|637893636, img|640795300, img|641772573, kegg|saa:SAUSA300_0953, kegg|sac:SACOL1059, kegg|sae:NWMN_0920, kegg|sam:MW0934, kegg|sao:SAOUHSC_00991, kegg|sas:SAS0986, ref|NP_645751.1, ref|YP_001331954.1, ref|YP_043111.1, ref|YP_185924.1, ref|YP_493651.1, ref|YP_499543.1, ref|ZP_03562830.1, ref|ZP_03566327.1, ref|ZP_04828422.1, ref|ZP_05700016.1, tr|A6QFR0, tr|C5QI06, tr|Q2FI27, tr|Q2FZL0, tr|Q5HH33, tr|Q6GAG2, tr|Q8NX97

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