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PEGs that Might Be in Clusters
Sim. Sc. Cluster Size PEG Genome Function Aliases
0 2 fig|367830.3.peg.1516 Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus USA300 Glutamyl endopeptidase precursor (EC, serine proteinase SspA GENE:sspA, GO:0004252, GO:0005576, GO:0006508, GO:0009405, GeneID:3913747, LocusTag:SAUSA300_0951, YP_493649.1, cds.1516, cmr|NT05SA0896, cmr|SAUSA300_0951, dbj|BAF67190.1, emb|CAA68434.1, gb|AAG45843.1, gb|ABD21260.1, gb|ABD30113.1, gb|ABX29016.1, gb|AF309515_1, gb|EEV83049.1, gi|114152162, gi|114152163, gi|12025238, gi|150373930, gi|151221130, gi|160368045, gi|161509236, gi|221138026, gi|221141832, gi|257860217, gi|258452002, gi|46687, gi|87126746, gi|87160772, gi|87202303, gi|88194745, gnl|md5|d27b8bab4626acd15d52733c, img|637887603, img|637893634, img|640795298, img|641308966, img|641772570, kegg|saa:SAUSA300_0951, kegg|sae:NWMN_0918, kegg|sao:SAOUHSC_00988, kegg|sax:USA300HOU_0996, ref|YP_001331952.1, ref|YP_001574895.1, ref|YP_493649.1, ref|YP_499541.1, ref|ZP_03562828.1, ref|ZP_03566325.1, ref|ZP_05700018.1, sp|P0C1U8, sp|Q2FZL2, sp|SSPA_STAA8, sp|SSPA_STAAU, sspA, tr|A6QFQ8, tr|A8Z0E2, tr|Q2FI29

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