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PEGs that Might Be in Clusters
Sim. Sc. Cluster Size PEG Genome Function Aliases
1e-21 4 fig|697281.3.peg.2892 Mahella australiensis 50-1 BON prophage antirepressor geneID|10609612, gi|332983346, locus|Mahau_2840, protein_id|YP_004464787.1
1.3e-045 2 fig|546271.3.peg.525 Selenomonas sputigena ATCC 35185 Phage antirepressor protein
5.0e-028 2 fig|866773.4.peg.592 Finegoldia magna BVS033A4 BRO domain protein domain protein gi|303233996, locus|HMPREF9289_0753, protein_id|ZP_07320645.1
8.3e-026 2 fig|527022.3.peg.3448 Bacillus thuringiensis serovar monterrey BGSC 4AJ1 Phage antirepressor protein
1.8e-024 2 fig|889932.4.peg.1736 Lactobacillus plantarum subsp. plantarum ST-III Phage antirepressor protein geneID|9783634, gi|308180883, locus|LPST_C1701, protein_id|YP_003925011.1
1.3e-024 2 fig|315730.11.peg.511 Bacillus weihenstephanensis KBAB4 Phage antirepressor protein geneID|5840039, gi|163937954, locus|BcerKBAB4_5813, protein_id|YP_001642839.1
1.3e-024 2 fig|315730.5.peg.458 Bacillus weihenstephanensis KBAB4 Phage antirepressor protein BcerKBAB4_5813, GeneID:5840039, YP_001642839.1, gi|163937954
8.0e-024 2 fig|526974.3.peg.1021 Bacillus cereus BDRD-ST24 Phage antirepressor protein
9.6e-020 2 fig|391037.6.peg.3821 Salinispora arenicola CNS-205 Prophage antirepressor protein InterPro:IPR003497, geneID|5703918, gi|159039322, locus|Sare_3791, protein_id|YP_001538575.1

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