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PEGs that Might Be in Clusters
Sim. Sc. Cluster Size PEG Genome Function Aliases
3.4e-056 5 fig|657313.3.peg.843 Ruminococcus torques L2-14 hypothetical protein
2.8e-045 5 fig|622312.4.peg.597 Roseburia inulinivorans DSM 16841 FIG00516512: hypothetical protein gi|225375037, locus|ROSEINA2194_00660, protein_id|ZP_03752258.1
2.1e-056 4 fig|411902.9.peg.3759 Clostridium bolteae ATCC BAA-613 FIG00516512: hypothetical protein gi|160939428, locus|CLOBOL_04321, protein_id|ZP_02086778.1
2.7e-056 4 fig|457422.3.peg.3148 Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium 2_2_44A hypothetical protein gi|345904208, locus|HMPREF9022_03015, protein_id|EGX73957.1
3.4e-056 4 fig|658659.3.peg.2046 Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium 3_1_53 hypothetical protein
2.5e-041 4 fig|411490.6.peg.2244 Anaerostipes caccae DSM 14662 hypothetical protein gi|167747569, locus|ANACAC_02290, protein_id|ZP_02419696.1
5.4e-041 4 fig|552396.3.peg.2728 Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium 5_2_54FAA hypothetical protein
1.0e-040 4 fig|592010.4.peg.437 Abiotrophia defectiva ATCC 49176 hypothetical protein
2.8e-067 3 fig|717608.3.peg.1254 Clostridium cf. saccharolyticum K10 hypothetical protein
7.1e-057 3 fig|457421.5.peg.4018 Clostridiales bacterium 1_7_47FAA FIG00516512: hypothetical protein
7.1e-057 3 fig|665940.3.peg.5190 Clostridium sp. 7_3_54FAA FIG00516512: hypothetical protein gi|354818910, locus|HMPREF1020_04612, protein_id|EHF03368.1
7.1e-057 3 fig|665956.3.peg.2544 Subdoligranulum sp. 4_3_54A2FAA FIG00516512: hypothetical protein gi|363616516, locus|HMPREF1032_00016, protein_id|EHL67952.1
1.2e-056 3 fig|411485.10.peg.2649 Faecalibacterium prausnitzii M21/2 FIG00516512: hypothetical protein gi|160945881, locus|FAEPRAM212_03414, protein_id|ZP_02093107.1
2.7e-056 3 fig|428127.7.peg.414 Eubacterium dolichum DSM 3991 FIG00516512: hypothetical protein gi|160914397, locus|EUBDOL_00401, protein_id|ZP_02076612.1
2.7e-056 3 fig|411461.4.peg.2908 Dorea formicigenerans ATCC 27755 hypothetical protein gi|166033490, locus|DORFOR_03216, protein_id|ZP_02236319.1
2.7e-056 3 fig|717960.3.peg.511 Eubacterium cylindroides T2-87 hypothetical protein
3.5e-056 3 fig|556261.3.peg.2199 Clostridium sp. D5 FIG00516512: hypothetical protein
4.6e-056 3 fig|658086.3.peg.5754 Lachnospiraceae bacterium 3_1_57FAA_CT1 hypothetical protein gi|336003210, locus|HMPREF0994_05268, protein_id|EGN33301.1
4.6e-056 3 fig|742733.3.peg.2607 Clostridium citroniae WAL-17108 hypothetical protein gi|354814008, locus|HMPREF9469_02508, protein_id|EHE98610.1
1.5e-055 3 fig|657319.3.peg.1740 Eubacterium siraeum 70/3 FIG00516512: hypothetical protein
3.7e-053 3 fig|518636.5.peg.3785 Clostridium asparagiforme DSM 15981 FIG00516512: hypothetical protein
4.7e-044 3 fig|663278.3.peg.1785 Ethanoligenens harbinense YUAN-3 hypothetical protein gi|289639349, locus|EthhaDRAFT_1665, protein_id|ZP_06471587.1
4.7e-044 3 fig|663278.4.peg.2066 Ethanoligenens harbinense YUAN-3 hypothetical protein geneID|10092875, gi|317132835, locus|Ethha_1896, protein_id|YP_004092149.1
3.8e-042 3 fig|536231.5.peg.3701 Roseburia intestinalis L1-82 FIG01020325: hypothetical protein
5.0e-042 3 fig|411468.9.peg.82 Clostridium scindens ATCC 35704 FIG01020325: hypothetical protein
9.2e-042 3 fig|742741.3.peg.1778 Clostridium symbiosum WAL-14673 FIG00516503: hypothetical protein
2.7e-041 3 fig|742740.3.peg.3396 Clostridium symbiosum WAL-14163 FIG00516503: hypothetical protein
4.2e-041 3 fig|499174.4.peg.2444 Clostridium difficile QCD-23m63 FIG00516512: hypothetical protein
1.2e-040 3 fig|657321.5.peg.87 Ruminococcus bromii L2-63 hypothetical protein
1.0e-040 3 fig|575593.3.peg.2106 Lachnospiraceae oral taxon 107 str. F0167 hypothetical protein gi|331003744, locus|HMPREF0491_02100, protein_id|ZP_08327238.1
6.9e-057 2 fig|552398.3.peg.3115 Ruminococcaceae bacterium D16 FIG00516512: hypothetical protein gi|307694453, locus|RbacD_010100015755, protein_id|ZP_07636690.1
3.4e-056 2 fig|657322.3.peg.1314 Faecalibacterium prausnitzii SL3/3 FIG00516512: hypothetical protein
4.6e-056 2 fig|545696.4.peg.1980
4.6e-056 2 fig|545696.5.peg.1919 Holdemania filiformis DSM 12042 hypothetical protein
1.9e-041 2 fig|691161.5.peg.4356 Clostridium difficile 6534 FIG00516512: hypothetical protein
2.5e-041 2 fig|665950.3.peg.617 Lachnospiraceae bacterium 3_1_46FAA hypothetical protein gi|331088098, locus|HMPREF1025_00602, protein_id|ZP_08337019.1
2e-40 2 fig|469614.3.peg.232 Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium 6_1_45 FIG00516512: hypothetical protein gi|371667060, locus|HMPREF0981_00245, protein_id|EHO32191.1

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