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PEGs that Might Be in Clusters
Sim. Sc. Cluster Size PEG Genome Function Aliases
5e-169 2 fig|889487.3.peg.3501 Streptomyces sp. S4 FIG01131573: hypothetical protein
1.7e-167 2 fig|290340.10.peg.3713 Arthrobacter aurescens TC1 hypothetical protein geneID|4637444, gi|119964383, gnl|md5|a8461d542462b1119a9e4390, locus|AAur_3636, protein_id|YP_949324.1
2.8e-166 2 fig|930171.3.peg.3667 Arthrobacter phenanthrenivorans Sphe3 FIG00389119: hypothetical protein geneID|10287041, gi|325965005, locus|Asphe3_36760, protein_id|YP_004242911.1
8.4e-166 2 fig|446465.4.peg.2488 Brachybacterium faecium DSM 4810 FIG00545392: hypothetical protein gb|ACU85372.1, gi|256559525, gi|257068707, gnl|md5|d9a15cf9a86c1340e26bb4b3, kegg|bfa:Bfae_15430, ref|YP_003154962.1, tr|C4BA38
8.4e-166 2 fig|446465.5.peg.1536 Brachybacterium faecium DSM 4810 FIG00545392: hypothetical protein gb|ACU85372.1, geneID|8400090, gi|256559525, gi|257068707, gnl|md5|d9a15cf9a86c1340e26bb4b3, kegg|bfa:Bfae_15430, locus|Bfae_15430, protein_id|YP_003154962.1, ref|YP_003154962.1, tr|C4BA38
1.6e-158 2 fig|861360.3.peg.2700 Arthrobacter arilaitensis Re117 Integral membrane protein SCO0839, MMPL dimer type geneID|9795029, gi|308178317, locus|AARI_25390, protein_id|YP_003917723.1

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