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SEED version cvs.1555556707 (Wed Apr 17 22:05:07 2019) on

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PEGs that Might Be in Clusters
Sim. Sc. Cluster Size PEG Genome Function Aliases
2.8e-44 2 fig|548470.3.peg.1903 Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus MN8 Phage phi 11 orf11 protein homolog gb|AAX90959.1, gb|AAX91619.1, gb|AAX92056.1, gb|ABQ48662.1, gb|ABR51733.1, gb|EES93440.1, gb|EEV27155.1, gb|EEV63431.1, gb|EEV80723.1, gb|EEV86534.1, gi|147740364, gi|148267295, gi|149945797, gi|150393345, gi|253724711, gi|253731468, gi|257788815, gi|257794843, gi|257838952, gi|257857831, gi|257863778, gi|258418159, gi|258448935, gi|258453913, gi|62635848, gi|62636508, gi|62636945, gi|66394721, gi|66394919, gi|66396089, gnl|md5|efefed71b3bae4594e40c542, img|638314194, img|638314845, img|638315288, img|639108148, img|640565211, img|640778964, kegg|sah:SaurJH1_0877, kegg|saj:SaurJH9_0861, ref|YP_001246238.1, ref|YP_001316020.1, ref|YP_239775.1, ref|YP_240426.1, ref|YP_240869.1, ref|ZP_04865633.1, ref|ZP_05643822.1, ref|ZP_05682424.1, ref|ZP_05697044.1, ref|ZP_05701885.1, tr|A5IR39, tr|A6TZW5, tr|C5N3U1, tr|Q4ZA57, tr|Q4ZBF0, tr|Q4ZDA1

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