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PEGs that Might Be in Clusters
Sim. Sc. Cluster Size PEG Genome Function Aliases
2e-27 2 fig|344609.11.peg.1377 Shigella boydii CDC 3083-94 putative antirepressor eric|ADJ-0002752, gb|ACD06553.1, geneID|6273035, gi|187427279, gi|187730287, gnl|md5|d1a0fd7b460f7762a6432a44, img|638689002, img|641725376, kegg|sbc:SbBS512_E1251, locus|SbBS512_E1251, protein_id|YP_001879890.1, ref|YP_001879890.1, tr|B2TZ35
2.0e-026 2 fig|585035.6.peg.541 Escherichia coli S88 putative antirepressor emb|CAR01889.1, geneID|7130577, gi|218364223, gi|218557454, gnl|md5|3f29a1fc6eda687afd372b37, kegg|ecz:ECS88_0544, locus|ECS88_0544, protein_id|YP_002390367.1, ref|YP_002390367.1, tr|B7ME66

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