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PEGs that Might Be in Clusters
Sim. Sc. Cluster Size PEG Genome Function Aliases
0.0 3 fig|155919.4.peg.2326 Xylella fastidiosa Dixon DNA helicase, phage-associated InterPro:IPR000330, InterPro:IPR000566, InterPro:IPR001410, gi|71276270, locus|XfasaDRAFT_0619, protein_id|ZP_00652548.1
9.2e-273 2 fig|405440.5.peg.520 Xylella fastidiosa M12 DNA helicase, phage-associated geneID|6119490, gi|170729638, locus|Xfasm12_0427, protein_id|YP_001775071.1
0.0 2 fig|183190.1.peg.1086 Xylella fastidiosa Temecula1 DNA helicase, phage-associated GeneID:1143859, NP_779343.1, PD1137, gi|28199029
0.0 2 fig|788929.3.peg.2758 Xylella fastidiosa subsp. fastidiosa GB514 DNA helicase, phage-associated
0.0 2 fig|155920.1.peg.949 Xylella fastidiosa Ann-1 Phage DNA helicase (EC COG: COG0553, XfasO0964, ZP_00041159.1, gi|22996918
0.0 2 fig|183190.5.peg.1529 Xylella fastidiosa Temecula1 DNA helicase, phage-associated geneID|1143916, gi|28199082, locus|PD1194, protein_id|NP_779396.1
0.0 2 fig|405441.5.peg.1551 Xylella fastidiosa M23 DNA helicase, phage-associated InterPro:IPR000330, InterPro:IPR014001, InterPro:IPR014021, geneID|6202053, gi|182681808, locus|XfasM23_1272, protein_id|YP_001829968.1
0.0 2 fig|160492.1.peg.677 Xylella fastidiosa 9a5c Phage DNA helicase (EC CDD:pfam00176, CDD:pfam00271, COG:COG0553, GeneID:1126213, NP_297970.1, XF0680, gi|15837282
0.0 2 fig|160492.11.peg.719 Xylella fastidiosa 9a5c Phage DNA helicase (EC geneID|1126213, gi|15837282, locus|XF0680, protein_id|NP_297970.1

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