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PEGs that Might Be in Clusters
Sim. Sc. Cluster Size PEG Genome Function Aliases
1.2e-046 3 fig|155919.4.peg.101 Xylella fastidiosa Dixon Phage protein gi|71274494, gnl|md5|92f66ccbd60c6c4899826e5e, locus|XfasaDRAFT_1802, protein_id|ZP_00650782.1
8.6e-044 3 fig|183190.5.peg.2240 Xylella fastidiosa Temecula1 Phage protein cmr|NT02XF1514, cmr|NT02XF1594, cmr|NT02XF2315, gb|ACB93230.1, gb|ACV41106.1, geneID|1143070, gi|182632454, gi|182682344, gi|257097800, gi|28199603, gnl|md5|fbe478eed883c6964c2f00c7, img|641703338, kegg|xfn:XfasM23_1827, locus|PD1728, protein_id|NP_779917.1, ref|YP_001830504.1, tr|B2I8F4
8.6e-044 3 fig|405441.5.peg.2270 Xylella fastidiosa M23 Phage protein InterPro:IPR014883, cmr|NT02XF1514, cmr|NT02XF1594, cmr|NT02XF2315, gb|ACB93230.1, gb|ACV41106.1, geneID|6203090, gi|182632454, gi|182682344, gi|257097800, gnl|md5|fbe478eed883c6964c2f00c7, img|641703338, kegg|xfn:XfasM23_1827, locus|XfasM23_1827, protein_id|YP_001830504.1, ref|YP_001830504.1, tr|B2I8F4
8.6e-044 3 fig|670252.3.peg.5 Xylella phage Xfas53, complete genome. Phage protein geneID|8672849, gene_name|nuc, gi|273810425, locus|Xfas53_gene06, protein_id|YP_003344896.1
8.6e-044 3 fig|788929.3.peg.2833 Xylella fastidiosa subsp. fastidiosa GB514 Phage protein
2.2e-043 3 fig|160492.11.peg.2682 Xylella fastidiosa 9a5c Phage protein geneID|1128081, gi|15839116, gnl|md5|540d335a4c950ed3b943975a, locus|XF2526, protein_id|NP_299804.1
2.4e-045 2 fig|405440.3.peg.1072 Xylella fastidiosa M12 Phage protein ACA12126.1, Xfasm12_1175, gb|ACA11439.1, gb|ACA12126.1, gb|ACA12399.1, gi|167964429, gi|167965116, gi|167965389, gi|170729636, gi|170730323, gi|170730596, gnl|md5|618f89a1c1c68075609d7068, img|641648498, img|641649194, img|641649473, kegg|xfm:Xfasm12_0425, kegg|xfm:Xfasm12_1175, kegg|xfm:Xfasm12_1483, ref|YP_001775069.1, ref|YP_001775756.1, ref|YP_001776029.1, tr|B0U2P7
1.5e-044 2 fig|405440.5.peg.1738 Xylella fastidiosa M12 Phage protein geneID|6121346, gi|170730596, gnl|md5|789ca47dac494ec858e977a4, locus|Xfasm12_1483, protein_id|YP_001776029.1

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