The Genome Log as Implemented in the SEED: May 7, 2006

As we add genomes, replace genomes, add features, alter starts, etc. we generate log entries. The generation of log entries has been going on for quite some time, but during the last week Kaitlyn and I have attempted to straighten things up a bit. Most importantly, the log entries are now browsable, so you should be able to easily check to see when changes were made and by whom.

For now, access to the Genome Log is via an inconspicuous little link set in the main entry page to the SEED. It appears just above the list of genomes that can be selected. If you click on it, you should get a list of genomes for which log entries exist. You will not be shown genome IDs; rather, you see only the genome decsriptions. The reason IDs are not shown is that a specific genome description may apply to a sequence of distinct genome IDs as the genome is improved.

If you select one of the genome descriptions, you will be shown the list of existing log entries. At this point, I have made log entries showing when start positions have been modified in prokaryotes and splice variants in eukaryotes. From now on, as new features are added, old ones deleted, new genomes added, or other forms of maintenance, entries will be added to the Genome Log and you can peruse them.

Log entries may contain links to display maps, which show a correspondence between genes. Currently, you can get maps showing which PEGs were replaced due to changes in start positions.

Over the next few months, we will upgrade the displays to support listing selected types of changes to all genomes in chronological order, which would allow you to easily see what genomes have been added and when.