The Sapling database is a distributable, self-contained copy of the NMPDR data. Unlike Sprout, which is optimized for searching, Sapling is designed to be structurally simple without sacrificing the ability to find information quickly.

The diagram colors indicate the way the data is loaded: each color indicates a different load group.

  • Red Genome group: includes all taxonomy and sequence data.
  • Blue Subsystem group: includes the subsystems themselves and all the subsystem spreadsheets.
  • Green Feature group: includes features, feature identifiers, protein sequences, and related publications.
  • Yellow Scenario group: includes KEGG diagrams, scenarios, and connections to the related chemical reactions.
  • Purple Alignment group: includes protein alignments and trees.
  • Navy Model group: includes compounds, reactions, structural cues, and models for the cell chemistry.
  • Brown Family group: includes FIGfams and functional coupling data.
  • Black Protein group: includes annotation history and data from the Annotation Clearinghouse.
  • Cyan Expression group: includes data relating to gene expression and cell regulation.