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Urease is a nickel metallo enzyme that catalyzes the degredation of urea to ammonia and carbamine acid. The latter compound decomposes spontaneously to form a second molecule of ammonia and carbon dioxide.
The enzyme consists of three subunits, alpha, beta and gamma. This heterotrimer forms multimers, mainly trimers.

UreA and UreB = needed for the association of the urease heterotrimer UreABC

UreC = catalytic domain containing an active site with a Ni2+ center complexed by a carbamylated lysine

UreE = metallochaperone assisting the insertion of a Ni2+ ion in the active site of urease

UreF = modulates activation of urease by eliminating Ni2+ irons from the non-carbamylated protein

UreG = GTP hydrolase needed for the assembly of the Ni2+ metallocenter of urease

UreD = needed for the assembly of the Ni2+ metallocenter

Nomenclature for urease subunits in Helicobacter might differ from this SS

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