Subsystem: TCA Cycle

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TCA : tricarboxylic acid cycle oxidizes acetyl-CoA to CO2 when functions in its full capasity.It supplies NADH for oxidative phosphorylation in the respiratory chain role and thus has a major role in energy metabolism. It is also a sourse of 3 precursor metabolites. Green bacteria and archaea assimilate CO2 by employing reducing power (in the form of reduced ferredoxin) to reverse the normal direction of flow of carbon through the TCA cycle and to produce 6 metabolites.'reductive carboxylic acid cycle' (sometimes also called the reductive tricarboxylic acid cycle) appeared to be the sole CO2 assimilation pathway in Chlorobium thiosulfatophilum (Evans et al. 1966). See also:Photosynth Res. 1990;24:47-53.
A reverse KREBS cycle in photosynthesis: consensus at last. Buchanan BB, Arnon DI.

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