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RuvABC is well-studied. The description from Wikipedia is as follows:

RuvABC is a complex of three proteins that mediate branch migration and resolve the Holliday junction created during recombination repair.

RuvA and RuvB bind to the four strand DNA structure formed in the Holliday junction intermediate, and migrate the strands through each other, using a putative spooling mechanism. The binding of the RuvC protein to the RuvAB complex is thought to cleave the DNA strands, thereby resolving the Holliday junction.

The structure of the complex has been variously elucidated through X-ray crystallography and EM data, and suggest that the complex consists of either one or two RuvA tetramers, with charge lined grooves through which the incoming DNA is channelled. The structure also showed the presence of so-called 'acidic pins' in the centre of the tetramer, which serve to separate the DNA duplexes.

The RuvB proteins are thought to form hexameric rings on the exit points of the newly formed DNA duplexes, and it is proposed that they 'spool' the emerging DNA through the RuvA tetramer.

RuvC is the resolvase, which cleaves the Holliday junction. It is thought to bind either on the open, DNA exposed face of a single RuvA tetramer, or to replace one of the two tetramers. Binding is proposed to be mediated by an unstructured loop on RuvC, which becomes structured on binding RuvA. RuvC can be bound to the complex in either orientation, therefore resolving Holliday junctions in either a horizontal or vertical manner.

This subsystem is more about the other gene that often clusters with ruvABC. The gene is often annotated as "Concerved hypothetical protein yebC". However, this name for the gene actually is used to describe a number of distinct functions (in my opinion), so I have elected to use instead

FIG000859: hypothetical protein

This is simply a name for a functional role that I do not yet understand. However, I am deeply convinced that there is some relationship between the role of this gene and RuvABC. Hence, I think that the gene is probably related to recombination.

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