Subsystem: Recycling of Peptidoglycan Amino Sugars

This subsystem's description is:

Peptidoglycan (PG) amino sugars can be recycled to resynthesize more peptidoglycan or to use as an energy source. Both free GlcNAc and anhMurNAc derived from PG are converted to GlcNAc-6-P and are thus available for reuse. As seen in the accompanying illustration, GlcNAc can be converted to UDP-GlcNAc and reenter central metabolism; enzymes responsible for these reactions are captured in other SSs. Here only the enzymes responsible for recycling the 1,6-anhydro-N-acetylmuramyl-moiety are collected.

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Literature ReferencesHow bacteria consume their own exoskeletons (turnover and recycling of cell wall peptidoglycan). Park JT Microbiology and molecular biology reviews : MMBR 2008 Jun18535144
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