Subsystem: RNA polymerase archaeal

This subsystem's description is:

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Group Alias
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Taxonomy Pattern 
Variant [?] 
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Rpo1 = A = RPB1 = beta'
Rpo2 = B = RPB2 = beta
Rpo3 = D = RPB3 = alpha
Rpo4 = F = RPB4
Rpo5 = H = RPB5
Rpo6 = K = RPB6
Rpo7 = E' = RPB7
Rpo8 = G = RPB8 (unique to some crenarchaea)
Rpo10 = N = RPB10
Rpo11 = L = RPB11
Rpo12 = P = RPB12
Rpo13 (unique to some crenarchaea)

TFS = TFIIS (not a subunit, though similar to RPB9)


1 - A', A'', B
2 - A', A'', B', B''
3 - A, B

Added values for possibly missing subunits:

+0.10 - missing L
+0.01 - missing M

Subunit E'
Should probably be called subunit E, but the first sequence fused it with the following
protein (see below).

Subunit E''
There is no experimental data indicating that this is acually an RNA polymerase subunit
(in fact, the data are to the contrary). It is here and has this name for historical reasons;
a sequencing error led to the conclusion that it was fused with subunit E' in Sulfolobus
acidocauldarius (where the fusion was called subunit E).