Subsystem: Purine Utilization

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Xanthine dehydrogenase (and xanthine oxidase) plays the main role in utilization of purines as a sourse of carbon and energy. It is represented by different variants of multi-subunit complexes in different bacteria.Iron sulfur protein of Xanthine dehydrogenase can also performe oxidase activity in a group of organims, having only dehydrogenase one in an other. You can see the first variant by one protein ID being repeated in XDA and XDO columns of the spreadsheet. Several purine-like-compound-related transporters were included in this SS. Because of the high homology between the latter we decided to keep track of all of them independent on annotation relavance to this particular SSs.
Several functions (associated_functions_subset) were included in this subsystem because of gene clustering. Those functions represent mainly a downstream pathway and are also included in separated subsystems, such as Urea degradation, for instance.

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