Subsystem: Multidrug Resistance, 2-protein version Found in Gram-positive bacteria

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3-protein systems exist in gram negative bacteria.
They are composed of an inner membrance component (IM), an outer membrane
component (OM) and a periplasmic accessory protein (often
called a membrane fusion protein).

See "Multidrug Resistance Mechanisms: Drug Efflux Across
Two Membranes" by Zgurskaya and Nikaido, Molecular
Microbiology (2000) 37(2), 219-225
"Structure and Function of Efflux Pumps that Confer Resistancde to Drugs" by
Borges-Walmsley, McKeegan, Walmsley

Biochem J. (2003) 376, 313-338
Multidrug efflux systems in Gram-negative bacteria" by
Moreira, de Souza, and Moraes

Brazilian Journal of Microbiology, vol. 35, no 1-2, 1-21

Here we are sticking with

Multidrug resistance protein A [corresponds to the membrane fustion protein]
Multidrug resistance protein B [corresponds to the IM]