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This SS lists proven "metabolite repair" enzymes, as well as other characterized enzymes, that could potentially be involved in house cleaning functions (even if they have not been formally associated with this area of metabolism yet). In addition, protein families involved in conserved clustering with such enzymes are included in this SS as well (they are labeled "AUX", auxiliary)

"Repair reactions are well known in the case of DNA and their importance does not need to be underlined. A few protein-repair mechanisms are also known (Clarke 2003; Del pi erre et al 2000; Moskovitz 2005; Veiga-da-Cunha et al 2006) and many more remain probably to be identified. Metabolites may also need to be repaired and this may be the role of many putative enzymes with unknown function encoded by the human and other genomes (Galperin et al 2006). Abnormal_ metabolites may be formed through chemical reactions (e.g. the oxidation of nucleotides by reactive oxygen species; the reaction of amines with glucose and other sugars to form Schiff bases and ketoamines) or owing to the imperfection of enzymes. This latter point—the imperfection of enzymes—is probably underestimated..." (Quoted from: Van Schaftingen & Rzem, 2009)

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Literature ReferencesFrom complete genome sequence to 'complete' understanding? Galperin MY Trends in biotechnology 2010 Aug20647113
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L: -2-Hydroxyglutaric aciduria, a disorder of metabolite repair. Van Schaftingen E Journal of inherited metabolic disease 2009 Apr19020988
House cleaning, a part of good housekeeping. Galperin MY Molecular microbiology 2006 Jan16359314
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