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These notes were added by JenZ when she created the subsystem in May 2005.

"As you can see -- this mercury resistant operon is largely passed around on a few plasmids. And sequenced plasmids generally have the most intact clusters of the mercury resistance proteins.

There are a few mysteries still to be solved -- MerA is a big player and at first I was building the subsystem completely around its presence ... but some organisms have a MerA without the rest of the cluster. Instead MerA is found with other metal transporters / reducers.

Also some of the tuberculosis strains have something that resembles a scavenger of mercury and/or copper -- a two ORF operon with MerT and something like MerP. I could not find any studies to classify the scavengers as perfering Hg to Cu so I did not annotate them.

When i get back to my lab book i will add references.