Subsystem: Mannose Metabolism

This subsystem's description is:

********VARIANT CODES:*************

1.11 - complete set of mannose operon genes - a pathway from Mannose to GDP-mannose using extracellular mannose and possibly fructose6P;

1.1 position one after dot shows the presence of complete EII protein of mannose PTS system ( subunits A+B+C+D, as in Escherichia coli);

1.11 position two after dot shows the presence of the regulator of the mannose operon (Transcriptional antiterminator ManR or Putative regulator ManO);

2.0 - the path from F6P to GDP-Man (see diagram) is present, no transport genes;

3.0 - specific Shewanella pathway (see Shewanella amazonensis SB2B)
x - "x" stands for a missing gene in the module .

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Literature ReferencesTransport and catabolism of D-mannose in Rhizobium meliloti. Arias A Journal of bacteriology 1982 Sep6286588
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Genome '426430.8' is not present in this subsystem.

This diagram is not scaled.

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