Subsystem: Mannitol Utilization

This subsystem's description is:

********VARIANT CODES:*************

1.0 the presence of complete mannitol operon ( as in E. coli);

1.x - some gene is missing in the pathway

2.0 - Alternate route of Mannitol utilization (as in Shewanella frigidimarina)

****In E. coli:*****

The mtl operon in E. coli consists of the mtlA, mtlR, and mtlD genes that encode the mannitol transporter (enzyme IICBA_mtl), a transcriptional regulator, and mannitol-1-phosphate dehydrogenase, respectively, and that in B. stearothermophilus comprises four genes: mtlA (enzyme IICB_mtl), mtlR, mtlF (enzyme IIA_mtl), and mtlD.

****In B. subtilis:******

The B. subtilis mtl operon consists of only the mtlA (enzyme IICBAmtl) and mtlD genes, and the operon does not contain a gene for a transcriptional regulator. However, the gene ydaA, which was recently renamed mtlR and which is homologous to the mtlR genes of E. coli and B. stearothermophilus, is located 14.4 kb down stream from the mtl operon.
It was determined (ref.1) that MtlR in B. subtilis is an activator of the mtl operon, although mtlR is located 14.4 kb downstream from the operon.

Almost all of the genes for the regulator of mannitol-specific PTS in bacteria, except for B. subtilis, are included in the mtl operon as it is in E. coli, B. stearothermophilus, and Streptococcus mutans, and MtlR is essential for expression of the mtl operons. To confer an advantage in the proliferation of B. subtilis, the location of mtlR at a distance from the mtl operon may have been acquired by chromosomal rearrangement during evolution.

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