Subsystem: Maltose and Maltodextrin Utilization

This subsystem's description is:

The maltose system is responsible for the uptake and efficient catabolism of alpha (1->4)-linked glucose polymers (maltodextrins) up to 7 to 8 glucose units.
Maltose-maltodextrin utilization has been studied mainly in gram-negative enteric bacteria (ref.1).

************Variant Codes:**********************

1.0 full set of Maltose/Maltodextrin Utilization genes- most common gram-negative setup with genes malP and malQ encoding essential enzymes(MalE,MalF,MalG,MsmK,MalP,MalQ);

2.0 - Gram-positive set of Maltose/Maltodextrin Utilization genes(MalE,MalF,MalG,MsmK);

x - in the position after dot stands for incomplete pathway (some genes missed).

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