Subsystem: Lysine degradation

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At least 9 pathways exist for the degradation of lysine in mammals, plants, bacteria and fungi. The initial products of lysine degradation in these pathways include: L-saccharopine in mammals and plants; beta-L-lysine, 5-aminovaleramide, N6-hydroxylysine, cadaverine, and alpha-aminoadipate-delta-semialdehyde in bacteria; and alpha -aminoadipate-delta-semialdehyde, D-lysine, N6-acetyl-L-lysine, and 6-amino-2-oxocaproic acid in yeasts and fungi.

====Variant codes:==========

1.0 - Cadaverine pathway (from L-lysine to {delta}-aminovalerate via cadaverine/1-piperidine);

2.0 - AMV (aminovalerate) pathway (from L-lysine to glutaric acid);

3.0 - AMA (aminoadipate ) pathway (from D-lysine to 2-aminoadipate);

4.0 - AMV + AMA (as in Pseudomonas putida );

4.1 - AMV + AMA + Cadaverine pathway(as in Pseudomonas aeruginosa );

5.0 - Lysine fermentation ( as in Fusobacterium nucleatum);

6.0 - Eukaryotic pathway ( as in Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

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