Subsystem: LOS core oligosaccharide biosynthesis

This subsystem's description is:

In E. coli, Salmonella, and K. pneumoniae the core oligosaccharide biosynthesis genes are clustered on the chromosome. These loci generally encode all of the activities required for outer-core assembly as well as the transferases needed for inner-core synthesis. In E. coli and Salmonella, the waa locus consists of three operons. The operons are defined by the first gene in each transcriptional unit: gmhD-, waaQ-, and waaA.

*********VARIANT CODES:***********

1.0 complete set of genes required for biosynthesis and transfer of L,D-heptose (Heptose biosynthesis pathway);
1.x some genes are missing in the Heptose biosynthesis pathway;
2.0 - whole set of Heptose biosynthesis and the Outer core (LOS core) biosynthesis genes;
2.x - some genes are missing in LOS core oligosaccharide biosynthesis.

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Literature ReferencesLipopolysaccharide endotoxins. Raetz CR Annual review of biochemistry 200212045108
The Campylobacter jejuni glycome. Karlyshev AV FEMS microbiology reviews 2005 Apr15808749
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