Subsystem: Glutamine, Glutamate, Aspartate and Asparagine Biosynthesis

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===Glutamate synthase =================
Glutamate synthase (GltS) is one of the key enzymes in the nitrogen assimilation pathway, and it is widely distributed among all organisms. In Bacteria, the L-glutamate produced not only is the precursor of other amino acids, but is also involved in osmoregulation. Outside the Archaea, three different classes of GltS have been described: a bacterial form (NADPH-GltS), an Fd-dependent form in cyanobacteria and plants (Fd-GltS), and a pyridine-linked form in both photosynthetic and nonphotosynthetic eukaryotes (NADH-GltS).
In most bacteria, NADPH-GltS is composed of a large subunit (the gltB gene) and a small subunit (encoded by the gltD gene). In eukaryotes, glutamate synthase displays a single-subunit structure, corresponding either to the large bacterial subunit or to both the small and the large bacterial subunits.

---gltBDF operon:------------

The gltBDF operon, encoding glutamate synthase, was originally identified as a member of the Lrp regulon through a two-dimensional electrophoretic analysis of polypeptides from isogenic strains containing or lacking a functional Lrp protein(ref.4).
========Variant codes:===================

1.1 - Glutamate biosynthesis
1.2 - Aspartate biosynthesis - AspA or AspC
1.3 - Asparagine biosynthesis
1.4 - Glutamine biosynthesis - *GlnS
1.1234 - Glutamine, Glutamate, Aspartate and Asparagine Biosynthesis

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Literature ReferencesGlutamate synthase: structural, mechanistic and regulatory properties, and role in the amino acid metabolism. Suzuki A Photosynthesis research 200516143852
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