Subsystem: F0F1-type ATP synthase

This subsystem's description is:

F-type H+-ATPase (F0F1) and vacuolar type H+-ATPase (V0V1) are two classes of a superfamily of H+-translocatig ATPases. F0F1 is responsible for ATP synthesis and is present in inner membranes of mitochondria, thylakoid membranes of chloroplasts, and plasma membranes of bacteria. These enzymes are composed of a hydrophobic membrane part (F0) and a hydrophilic catalytic part (F1). F0 forms a proton channel across the membranes and is composed of at least three kinds of transmembrane subunits, one of which is the most evolutionarily conserved 8-kDa proteolipid subunit. F1, which can easily be separated from the membranes and shows ATPase activity, is composed of two kinds of nucleotide binding subunits,alpha and beta, and three minor subunits, gamma, delta, and epsilon with a stoichiometry alpha3beta3gamma,delta,epsilon. The gamma subunit penetrates the central cavity of the hexagonal alpha3beta3 like a shaft and rotates when F1 hydrolyzes ATP

=============Variant codes:==========================

A,B',C,alpha,beta,gamma,delta,epsilon,I 4.1
A,B,B',C,alpha,beta,gamma,delta,epsilon 2.0
A,B,B',C,alpha,beta,gamma,delta,epsilon,I 2.1
A,B,B',C,beta,gamma,I 9.2
A,B,B',alpha,beta,gamma,delta,epsilon 3.0
A,B,B',alpha,beta,gamma,delta,epsilon,I 3.1
A,B,C,alpha,beta,gamma,delta 9.1
A,B,C,alpha,beta,gamma,delta,epsilon 1.0
A,B,C,alpha,beta,gamma,delta,epsilon,I 1.1
A,B,alpha,beta,gamma,delta,epsilon 5.0
A,C,alpha,beta,gamma,delta,epsilon 9.6
B,B',C,alpha,beta,gamma,delta,epsilon 6.0
B,C,alpha,beta,gamma,delta,epsilon 9.7
B,C,beta,gamma,epsilon 9.8

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