Subsystem: Alpha-acetolactate operon

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variant code 0 - work in progress
variant code -1 - no operon
variant code 1 - operon present (alsS, alsD, alsR)
variant code 1.2 - operon present, but no alsR
variant code 2 - alsS and alsD present but NOT in operon

M C Renna, N Najimudin, L R Winik, and S A Zahler
Regulation of the Bacillus subtilis alsS, alsD, and alsR genes involved in post-exponential-phase production of acetoin.J Bacteriol. 1993 June; 175(12): 38633875.

In Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis Il1403 alsS is present fig|272623.1.peg.1218 and alsD is duplicated and present (fig|272623.1.peg.1139 and fig|272623.1.peg.1263) but NOT as operon any more.
In Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris SK11 (JGI)alsS is missing but the alsD duplicates (fig|1359.2.peg.1850 and fig|1359.2.peg.1550) are still there.