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fig|931444.3.peg.2213: Cysteine desulfurase (EC

931444.3: Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus CIG1150

location: 931444.3:AHVH01000034_118068-1167

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Subsystems Containing fig|931444.3.peg.2213
Variant Subsystem Role
1 At5g37530_(CsdL_protein_family) Cysteine desulfurase (EC
211 tRNA_modification_Archaea Cysteine desulfurase (EC

PEGs Functionally-Coupled to fig|931444.3.peg.2213
Sc PEG Coupled To Function of Coupled PEG
272 fig|931444.3.peg.2212 tRNA 4-thiouridine(8) synthase (EC
98 fig|931444.3.peg.2214 Septation ring formation regulator EzrA
66 fig|931444.3.peg.2216 SSU ribosomal protein S4p (S9e) @ SSU ribosomal protein S4p (S9e), zinc-independent
51 fig|931444.3.peg.2215 Free methionine-(R)-sulfoxide reductase, contains GAF domain
29 fig|931444.3.peg.2210 Thiol peroxidase Tpx (EC