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fig|411474.6.peg.1490: Cysteine synthase (EC

411474.6: Coprococcus eutactus ATCC 27759

location: 411474.6:NZ_DS483532_256553-933

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Subsystems Containing fig|411474.6.peg.1490
Variant Subsystem Role
0 Experimental_Sulfur_transfer_Archaea Cysteine synthase (EC
0 dcernst_RidA_proteins Cysteine synthase (EC
0 dcernst_RidA_Cysteine_phenotype Cysteine synthase (EC
0 CLO_Cysteine Cysteine synthase (EC
2.17 Cysteine_Biosynthesis Cysteine synthase (EC
1 Methionine_Biosynthesis Cysteine synthase (EC
0 Proline Cysteine synthase (EC
0 Cysteine_Biosynthesis,_MCB_432 Cysteine synthase (EC