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fig|158879.11.peg.1788: Foldase protein PrsA precursor (EC @ Foldase clustered with pyrimidine conversion

158879.11: Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus N315

location: 158879.11:NC_002745_1892718+963

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Subsystems Containing fig|158879.11.peg.1788
Variant Subsystem Role
1 EcsAB_transporter_affecting_expression_and_secretion_of_secretory_preproteins Foldase protein PrsA precursor (EC
1 CBSS-176279.3.peg.1262 Foldase clustered with pyrimidine conversion
1 Peptidyl-prolyl_cis-trans_isomerase Foldase protein PrsA precursor (EC