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243 Ferrous iron transport permease EfeU
81 Putative high-affinity iron permease
64 High-affinity iron permease
47 High-affinity Fe2+/Pb2+ permease precursor
40 Cytochrome c family protein
37 hypothetical protein
19 Cytochrome c, class I
17 High-affinity Fe2+/Pb2+ permease
14 Putative cytochrome
13 FTR1 family protein
9 Ferrous iron transport periplasmic protein EfeO, contains peptidase-M75 domain and (frequently) cupredoxin-like domain
9 InterPro IPR004923 COGs COG0672
7 EfeU-like protein
7 iron permease FTR1
4 FIG01035652: hypothetical protein
3 Cytochrome c
3 Ferrous iron transport permease EfeU, N-terminal extended
3 FIG00562470: hypothetical protein
3 FIG00670812: hypothetical protein
3 FIG00818133: hypothetical protein
3 FIG01004738: hypothetical protein
3 FIG01021106: hypothetical protein
3 putative high-affinity Fe2+/Pb2+ permease
2 All3939 protein
2 expression is regulated by iron

46 Ferrous iron transport permease EfeU
45 Putative high-affinity iron permease
36 Cytochrome c family protein
34 High-affinity Fe2+/Pb2+ permease precursor
16 Cytochrome c, class I
4 FIG01035652: hypothetical protein
4 hypothetical protein
3 Cytochrome c
3 FIG01021106: hypothetical protein
2 FIG01056815: hypothetical protein
1 cytochrome c family protein
1 Cytochrome c, class I:Iron permease FTR1
1 High-affinity iron permease
1 putative high-affinity Fe2+/Pb2+ permease